Ancillary Material and Resources for Chem0710

Sodium Metal Reaction
How a salt goes into water
Electrolysis of KI

When Stars Collide
20 Things You Didn't Know About Color
A Century of Gravitational Waves

What is a CRT?
Close-up view of a CRT
JJ Thomson cathode ray tube experiment
Milikan oil drop experiment
The specific physics involved in the Milikan oil drop experiment
Rutherford's scattering of alpha particles experiment

Development of Quantum Mechanics
Development of Quantum Mechanics (abridged)
A Brief History Of Quantum Mechanics

Double Slit Experiment
What is all the fuss about Schrodinger's Cat?

Why don't electrons "fall" into the nucleus?

Chapter 7&8 Videos

  1. Photoelectric Effect
  2. A General Overview of the Periodic Table
  3. Periodic trends for atomic radii
  4. Changes in atomic radii when an atom becomes an ion
  5. Electronegativity
  6. Description and definition of ionization energy
  7. Periodic trends for ionization energy
  8. Discription of electron affinity
  9. Periodic trends for electron affinity
  10. Effective Nuclear Charge

What is an element?  A Historical perspective
Discovery of the Periodic Table
What to do with all those elements



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