Chem1440 Pre-Lab Submission

All prelab assignments will be submitted through Box, the cloud content management and file sharing service offered through Pitt. At the beginning of the semester, you should have recieved an email asking you to join the "Chem1440" folder on Box.  You will only be able to upload files.  You cannot view, download, or edit any files in these folders. 

To upload your prelab assignment go to Box through and do the following:

    -  Go to the "1440Prelabs" folder
    -  Make sure it is a *.pdf file format
    -  Make sure the file size is less than 15 Mb.
    -  Make sure your file name follows the form labdesignation_prelab_lastname_firstinitial_class.pdf.  For example, NMR_prelab_Wagner_E_1440.pdf. File names that do not match this naming system will not be accepted.
       The labs designations are as follows:

NMR  -  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
DSC  -  Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Plastics
KINETICS  -  Kinetics of the Ethylacetate Saponification Reaction
FUELS  -  How Green is your Fuel? Creation and Comparison of Diesel Automotive Biofuels
EPR  -  Kinetics of an Excited State
STM  -  Structure of Graphite
HCG  -  Heat Capacity of Gases